The Hidden Treasures of Milan

walking tour with standard duration of 3 hours
€50 per hour regardless of number of participants
An interesting in-depth look at Milan's hidden monuments
with expalnations of their history and art.
The tour can be made entirely on foot, using public transport.

Choose and enjoy some of the less familiar and strange features:

Art Nouveau
Palazzo Castiglioni, has an elegant fa'ade and a fantastic interiors full of allegorical motifs, bass-relief, and More.
Brera district and Brera museum
The Brera Art Gallery is one of the finest galleries for Mediaeval and Renaissance Italian art. More.
Central Station
An enormous building designed combining the style of Art Deco .More.
Colonne di San Lorenzo
The 16 Roman columns in front of the church are the most important remains of the period More.
Sant Ambrogio
This church is of prime importance to Milan because it was founded by, and is dedicated to, Ambrose More.
San Bernardino alle Ossa
The origins of this chapel date back to 1145, when a hospital for the poor was built, More.
Bramante perspective in Santa Maria presso San Satiro
The church of San Satiro was built in 879, alongside a small hospital for pilgrims.More
San Maurizio
Built in 1503, on the ruins of a previous church annexed to a monastery of Benedictine cloistered nuns,More.
San Simpliciano
One of the four basilicas founded by Ambrose, archbishop of Milan, in the 4th century, More.
MoreMonumental Cemetery
Milan's most prestigious cemetery is built over an area of 250,000 square metres. More
Omenoni House
An unusual building, since "omenoni" means "big men.More.