Art Nouveau

    Is one of the Milan’s tourist attractions thanks to the decorations of many facades.

    Palazzo Castiglioni

    An elegant façade and fantastic interiors full of allegorical motifs, bass-relief, and iron floral adornments. Two statues of comely maidens (named Industry and Peace) originally framed the entrance, with their not-so-petite derrières facing the street. The ever-so-eloquent Milanese, gave it the nickname “Ca’ di Ciapp” or “House of Buttocks.” The owner, embarrassed and annoyed at the teasing, sent the statues to a friend’s mansion that was then outside Milan ….


    Porta Venezia district

    Here you can find the antique Kursaal, an old brothel that catered to visitors enjoying a sojourn in the city, cinema Dumont …


    The Bronze Ear


    Created by sculptor Adolfo Wildt as a housephone.


    The Aquarium


    The Cemetery


    And much more