Colonne di San Lorenzo

    A basilica with an enormous heritage of history
    and a favourite nightlife location

    San Lorenzo is the tallest and most spacious of Milan’s churches after the Cathedral, founded soon after the edict of Milan (313 A.D.) in which emperor Constantine granted freedom of religion to the Christians.
    The columns
    The 16 Roman columns in front of the church are the most important remains of the period when Milan was the capital of the Roman Empire.

    Parco delle Basiliche
    a stroll among great history
    This small park runs from behind San Lorenzo down to the Basilica of Sant’Eustorgio. The latter church contains relics of the three Kings; in the same complex are the cloisters with the Museo Diocesano, and the lovely Cappella Portinari.
    Night life
    The area is a favourite nightlife location, above all in summer when there are many outdoor activities and attractions.