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A Friend in Milan

A Friend in Milan is a native speaker of your language (we currently offer Milan tours in English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian), a ‘Tour Companion’ capable of leading you on one of our standard tours of Milan described on this website, or on a totally personalized itinerary.

Our Tour Companions have expert knowledge of Milan, its resources, culture and opportunities, and can provide you with valuable assistance during your stay.

In order to optimize your time, we suggest arranging the Milan guided tour with us in advance so that we can plan it and propose you the itinerary best suited to your needs, booking any necessary tickets in advance. In any case, during the visit, our Tour Companions have the knowledge and experience required for any last-minute alterations or additions to your Tour.

As every Milan walking tour is personalized, you decide exactly when you want to take the tour, and its size. We are accustomed to working with groups of various sizes, from small family units to larger groups of business associates.

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