Design Districts

    Brera Design District
    Around the eponymous Academy and Art Gallery, was once the turf of artists. There is still a number of private galleries in Via Brera, Via del Carmine and Via Solferino.
    Brera Design District is a brand. It is a territorial marketing strategy which, by means of a dedicated communications plan, aims to promote excellence and to develop business and real estate in the area, enhancing the district’s cultural supply and appeal, and bringing together tradition and innovation in the broad field of design.
    The project involves both brands and professionals already present in Brera and temporary investors, sponsors and exhibitors who find the district’s unique and suggestive locations to be an ideal showcase.
    5 Vie District

    Inside the beating heart of Milan Old Town, a special focus on one-of-a-kind pieces, art design, and the cross contamination among the various arts, to embrace experimentation more openly than ever.

    Tortona District

    Every April it becomes the centre of the Design Week. Historically, it was Milan’s factory district, but the economic crisis in the 1960s left most of the buildings derelict. For a week in the area lofts, photographic and design studios, showrooms, creative laboratories, fashion ateliers, industrial areas  are transformed into exhibition spaces, where over one hundred companies present what they have designed over the past year.