Design Studios

    Vico Magistretti
    Museum Study and Foundation

    The architect Vico Magistretti worked in this studio from 1946 to 2006, after having inherited it from his father, the architect Pier Giulio Magistretti. Actually it is the headquarters of a Foundation which hosts design and architecture exhibitions and offers guided tours, conversations and meetings as well as laboratories and educational activities for primary and secondary school students.

    Achille Castiglioni
    Museum Studio and Foundation

    Given the public success of these years -more than 40,000 visitors (2014)- the Castiglioni family wants to continue to share with the visitors, the place and the stories kept in it.

    On the occasion of the centenary of Achille Castiglioni’s birth they have devised a special project. Some of the most important designers in the world have been invited to choose a present for Achille. Now those 100 gifts chosen by well-known designers, are kept anonymous, they have been collected for how they work, rather than for their author’s signature. They constitute the first nucleus of a possible “Museum of the anonymous object”, made up of objects designed by unknown authors.

    Francesco Messina
    Studio Museum

    On show 80 sculptures and 26 works on paper chosen from among the most valuable art works by the Sicilian artist. They document his great technical skill and interest in realism. Most of the sculptures on display here are made of bronze, but there are some precious works in polychrome terracotta, plaster, marble and wax. Sculptures and  works on paper such as lithographs, watercolors, pencils and pastels reepresent nudes, horses, portraits, and express the vital moment that animates them all.

    During the year the space offers other exhibitions and activities related to the world of contemporary sculpture.