Duomo Cathedral and the Rooftop

    Visit the Duomo, Milan’s superb Gothic cathedral

    Milan Cathedral, also known as Milan Duomo, is one of the city’s most famous buildings. Visiting it with A Friend in Milan and our Major City Sights tour introduces you to some of its most fascinating details.

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    Here are some examples of the unfamiliar sights you will see during one of our Milan Duomo tours:

    • Discover the giant sundial inside the Cathedral, complete with its zodiac signs
    • Find the unfortunate saint whose statue has been nicknamed “Martyr of the taxman” by the people of Milan
    • Discover why the Archbishop of Duomo Milan has to have a head for heights
    • Discover why Milan’s risotto alla Milanese (saffron rice) is connected to the Duomo and its stained glass.
    The Cathedral
    milan cathedral duomo milan walking tour
    Ever since its foundation in 1386, the Duomo, Cathedral in Milan, has been a place of worship, and a focus of art, architecture and music. From the start, the designers of this great International Gothic masterpiece intended it to be a viewpoint for the people of the city, with its many spiral staircases leading up to the only walkable marble rooftops in a Gothic cathedral, from where you can see some of the 3,400 statues decorating the building.


    Milan Cathedral roof tickets
    milan cathedral duomo madonnina milan walking tour
    There are 251 steps, or a lift, to get to the 8000 square metres first level, at more than 60 metres above the ground. The terraces in Candoglia marble enable you to examine the sculptors’ artistry from close up. You will see the daring audacity of the architects who planned and built the flying buttresses, tracery and spires.
    milan cathedral duomo madonnina milan walking tour
    You will also get a better view of “la Madonnina”, Milan, a four-metre, gilded statue of Mary, at the top of the spire.


    The Museum
    milan cathedral museo del duomo milan walking tour
    Milan Duomo Museum is alongside the Cathedral and it can be included in our Major City Sights in Milan walking tour. It was opened in 1953, and it now houses many historical and artistic treasures, including sculpture, stained glass, paintings, tapestries, embroideries, terracotta maquettes and architectural models.