La Scala Opera House

    The La Scala Theatre
    A world-famous opera house, built by Milan’s aristocracy after a fire destroyed the preceding Royal Theatre at the Royal Palace.
    To make room for the new construction the church of Santa Maria della Scala, from which the theatre gets its name, was destroyed.
    Scala means ladder and this is the coat of arms of the Della Scala family (photo on the left)
    The architect, Giuseppe Piermarini, designed a Neoclassical facade which became a prototype for many other opera houses and created an interior with exceptional acoustics …
    In 1943, Allied air-raids seriously damaged the stalls and boxes, then reproducted as the originals. The theatre reopened on 11th May 1946 with a concert conducted by Arturo Toscanini.
    The Museum’s Treasures
    Over the years, the Museum has stored the traces of the presence of immortal artistes, great composers, unforgettable singers and dancers. For all of them, La Scala has been a home.
    In addition, its permanent collection is completed and enriched by some temporary exhibitions and numerous cultural activities.

    A curiosity

    In the middle of the Piazza, there is a statue of Leonardo da Vinci with four of his most important apprentices. The Milanese never liked this monument, and nicknamed it “A bottle of wine with four glasses”.