The Last Supper

    See Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper as part of our Major City Sights tour and discover its real message
    last supper leonardo da vinci milan guided tour
    See the Last Supper in Milan and discover why it is one of the most famous paintings in the world. Many theories have been written about its hidden meanings, not least by the book Da Vinci Code. A visit to this masterpiece is like a detective story. Discover the Last Supper on a tour by A Friend in Milan, and discover exactly what Leonardo da Vinci intended. Our Major City Sights tour can include the Leonardo Last Supper – tickets are often sold out but we can purchase them for you with sufficient prior notice.

    Book a Major City Sights walking tour that includes the Last Supper

    Here are a few of the fascinating insights you will receive:

    • See how Leonardo da Vinci described the structure of the world, the universe and the heavens
    • Discover the numerological significance hidden in the composition – and learn why Leonardo had to conceal his clues.
    • You can find yourself in the painting – according to your zodiac sign
    • Explore Leonardo’s fascinating use of geometry
    • Why is there an extra hand, belonging to none of the people present, in the painting?
    • Why does the person leaning away from Jesus look like a woman?

    The tour companion’s insights of Milan Last Supper are based on in-depth study in combination with knowledge of the science and philosophy known to Leonardo da Vinci. The information that we provide is not included in guidebooks or the audio-guides available at the Last Supper. And it is very different to The Da Vinci Code!


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    The Major City Sights tour normally includes the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, with its lovely cloisters, Bramante’s Apse, and Ludovico il Moro’s Renaissance dreams. Accessibility depends on the time of the tour.
    last supper leonardo da vinci milan santa maria delle grazie bramante guided tour