Piazza Mercanti and Via Dante

    Piazza Mercanti
    This was originally an enclosed square, former city centre in the Middle Ages, with in the center a monumental well surrounded by different historical buildings
    Palazzo della Ragione, a large brick building, constructed from 1228, which for hundreds of years was the centre of Milan’s government and trade. The history of this structure is very interesting, since it maintained a central role in the administrative and public life of Milan until the late 18th century.The palace is decorated with a relief representing Oldrado da Tresseno (photo below)
    La Loggia degli Osii
    was built as a city home by a noble family. In 1316, Matteo Visconti I, ruler of Milan, assigned the building to judicial functions and the fight against heresy
    Palazzo dei Notai, belonged to a family of notaries until 1741. The building thus served as a notary seat, and the activities therein were strictly related to those that occurred in the adjacent Palazzo della Ragione, where trials were held.
    The scrofa semilanuta (namley half-woollen boar) is an ancient emblem of the city, dating back at least to the Middle Ages and, according to a local legend, to the very foundation of Milan.

    Via Dante

    From Piazza Mercanti it is pleasant to reach the Castle window-shopping down Via Dante, known for its theatres and shops, and the many restaurants and cafés outdoor areas for an agreeable break with a cappuccino, a beer, ice-cream or aperitif. Without forgetting to take a look at the many elegant buildings …

    Palazzo Carmagnola, one of the buildings on the way, has a pleasant courtyard in which to enjoy the traditional Italian happy hour. (photo below)
    Palazzo Broggi, better known as the Palazzo delle Poste, hosted the headquarters of the Stock Exchange until 1932, when the headquarters was moved to the new Mezzanotte building in Piazza Affari. It currently houses the Starbucks Reserve Roastery. (photo below)