This church is of prime importance to Milan because it was founded by, and is dedicated to, Ambrose, the Ancient Roman-born citizen who was elected bishop of the city by popular acclaim, in 374 A.D, and now is the patron of Milan .
    It is built on an area that during Ancient Roman persecution of Christians, had been used to bury many martyrs. Today, the structure is basically Romanesque, 11th-12th century.

    The artworks include a Palaeochristian mosaic in the apse, restored after extensive war damage, and the altar in gold with precious stones, dating to about 850 A.D.

    In the crypt, there are the bodies of Ambrose and two other saints put to death by the Romans and exhumed by Ambrose.

    The cloisters by Bramante

    Two lovely cloisters by Renaissance architect Bramante are now part of the Università Cattolica.


    Numerous marble bas-reliefs